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Sherri Papini and the Unreliability of Eyewitnesses

Following my last post, I wanted to further dive into my thoughts on the Sherri Papini abduction. Did Sherri Papini actually go jogging? Was there a dark SUV in the vicinity? Much of the reporting about her abduction assumes that Sherri went jogging sometime after she texted her husband at 10:37 a.m., asking him if

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Sherri Papini and the Legacy of Denise Huskins: The Story of Two Abductions

If you haven’t heard of the Denise Huskins case, let me catch you up: Denise was kidnapped by a total stranger from her home in Vallejo, California in March of 2015. She was released a day later near her parent’s home in Huntington Beach, nearly 400 miles away. Police soon labeled the kidnapping a hoax because

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