Did Sherri Papini Leave Voluntarily?

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sherri-papini-02If Sherri Papini decided to leave on her own, how could she do that without a vehicle?

Of course, the first option is she could get a ride from someone – a friend or even hitchhike, though that is pretty unlikely considering someone might remember picking her up.

She could also take the bus. I was playing around with the bus schedules and here is what I have come up with. 

The closest Redding bus that could get SP to the Greyhound station (with a transfer at the Masonic Transfer Station) stops at the Rite Aid on Cascade Blvd at Shasta Dam Blvd. The Route is Route 1.

It is only 2.9 miles from the Papini house. If you detour by the mailboxes on Old Oregon Trail and Sunrise Drive to neatly place a cell phone and some hair, it is still only 3.4 miles to the Rite Aid. The bus appears to stop every hour at :05 on weekdays.

Bus stop here

An average person can walk a mile in 17-20 minutes. SP could probably do it faster if she was fit, which from what I understand, she was a regular jogger but not necessarily a top-notch athlete.

Had she left after (or before) texting her husband at 10:37 asking if he was coming home for lunch, she could have been easily on that bus, transferred at Masonic Transfer Station and on a Greyhound to Sacramento (or wherever) before anyone was even looking for her.

If she left later than that, even around 2 pm, when eyewitness saw her, she would have still had time to be out of there before he started looking or called police.

I don’t know how long stores keep security footage, but I am curious what is on the Rite Aid camera or the Chevron across the street that day.

RABA map

Route 1 in Redding

There is also a bus from Sacramento to Yolo that runs from the Greyhound station. Route 42. map here

Thoughts? Is it possible Sherri acted alone and perpetrated a hoax?

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