Ray Gricar and the Mapquest Theory



The Ray Gricar case has never made any sense on the surface. He had a girlfriend, an adult daughter, and a good job as a District Attorney. He was close to retirement. He had no personal or professional problems that anyone was aware of.

On April 15, 2005, he called his girlfriend Patty Fornicola to tell her he was driving to Lewisburg and was never seen again.

Ray’s car was found in Lewisburg at the Street of Shops antique mall parking lot, a place he frequented. His laptop was found in the Susquehanna River by fisherman, in between Lewisburg and Milton. His hard drive was later recovered on the banks of the save river but too fried for any information to be recovered.

Ray’s Mini Cooper was found in this parking lot

Here are the things that stand out to me about Ray Gricar:

  1. He searched his home computer for information on how to fry/destroy a hard drive.
  2. He used Mapquest at work to find Lewisburg, an area well known to him.
  3. He was sleeping a lot more than usual before his disappearance.

My theory, which I call the Mapquest Theory, is that Ray Gricar was suffering from early dementia. He couldn’t remember the route to a place he frequented. He was paranoid that someone was out to get him, and wanted to destroy the evidence on his hard drive. (One of the symptoms of dementia can be paranoia). He was sleeping more than usual, which is another symptom.

So what happened to him?

Well, if the dementia theory is to be believed, then there is also this: people with dementia have higher risk factors for suicide.

My theory is that Ray, in the early stages of dementia, committed suicide. I also wonder about a family history of dementia considering his brother also tragically killed himself and his body was found in the Great Miami River.

I think it is likely that Ray’s remains are somewhere in the Susquehanna, unfortunately.

2 comments on “Ray Gricar and the Mapquest Theory”

    1. Much of the evidence could point to suicide. There is one problem with the suicide theory; where is the body.

      While there have been several drowning in that branch of the Susquehanna since 2005, all bodies were recovered.


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